Terms & Conditions

By Barnet Handyman

My Terms & Conditions

Whenever we interact or trade with each other there is a mutual understanding of what agreement both parties are agreeing to. Below is my terms and conditions that both parties must adhere too.

General terms


All jobs I take on have different situations and surrounds, for this it makes it hard to give an accurate quote. Hence my hourly/day rate, I am happy to work out a complete price for a job that both parties are happy with. This will be done through a mutual conversation between all parties.

I work to a 50/50 payment scheme; once a price has been agreed upon I will receive 50% of the money up front before any work commences. The final 50% will be paid upon completion of the job and all parties are happy.

Payments I accept are either cash or direct bank transfers and now crypto currencies. For my bank details you can login to the box below using the password provided.

Please enter password provided for bank payment details


As the council has bombarded the area with parking restrictions, if your property falls in this zone and the is no free parking nearby. A parking permit would need to be supplied for each day I am working at your property.


All materials for the work will need to be paid for up front by the client. How I define these materials are items needed for the job that never leave the location i.e. Paints, Wood etc.

I am happy to pick up materials for the client from the place of purchase I am also happy to use my trade cards (where applicable) to save the customer money on their total material cost.

I do not charge price mark ups on any material needed for any job.

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