We now accept crypto currencies

Barnet Handyman has decided to accept Cryptos as payment

Barnet Handyman has decided to offer his services for crypto currency payments. It is a brave new world we are facing and we have decided to take the plunge into this exciting new monetary technology. As a special offer Barnet Handyman is offering 20% off all our services when you pay using any of the crypto currencies listed below.

If you are new to crypto currencies, they are a form of digital money which can be sent peer to peer. The first crypto currency created was Bitcoin in 2009, this was created as a freedom away from banks and other middlemen institutions. If you do not have any crypto accounts below is some links where you can purchase and trade crypto currencies. Please note some of the links below contain our referral link this does not affect you in anyway but helps us out.

Barnet handyman cryptos Barnet handyman cryptos Barnet handyman cryptos

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