Project heart tray

By Barnet Handyman

Heart handled tray

For this project I was asked by the misses to make her a heart handled tray she saw in a home magazine, fortunately a local resident decided to throw away a pine wardrobe. I removed the doors and started my project. This is part one of the project, in part 2 I will be adding foldable legs to the base.

Part 1

I took the wardrobe doors and drew out the size of the base for the tray, I cut the base with my jigsaw.

I then drew the outline for the handles.

When the first one was cut out I used it to draw the second handle.

Perfect after a bit of sanding and rubbing down.

After measuring the longest sides I attached the handle sides to the base with wood glue and some nails.

I cut out the sides and attached them to the tray.

I chiseled and sanded the edges, with Tiddles inspecting my handy work.

When everything was smooth I used a watered down white paint and gave it a few coats.

Once the base was dry I done the same with the front.

I finished the painting by adding a baby pink to the inside of the heart.

There we have it for the first stage.

To be continued...

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