Project dolls bed

By Barnet Handyman

Strong wooden bed for a dolly

My daughter loves her dollys and wanted a bed for her dolly. Rather than go out and buy one, typical handyman has the idea "I know I'll make one!" so here it is...

To start off with this dollies bed, I worked out the measurements and cut the wood to the ruff shape of the bed.

I then worked out the style of the legs I wanted and used my trusty Dremmel tool to carve the wood.

Once the legs were done I shaped and sanded the headboard. I finished off by engraving a heart in to the wood.

When I was happy with everything I glued it all together.

Once it was all glued, all that was left was to cut the slates for the bed.

I decided not to coat the wood with anything as I really liked the natural feel of the wood. Needless to say my daughter absolutely loved her new dollies bed.

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