Project child's stool

By Barnet Handyman

Beatrix Potter themed child's stool

My daughter loves Beatrix Potter, I planned to make her something strong and sturdy that would last a life time. A handmade stool seemed the perfect little gift to make her. Below is the stages in the process which take a good few hours to complete... Hope you like the final product.

I decided to tackle the legs first, I cut up two interlocking pieces of wood the same size.

In this image you can see how the top of the legs interlock.

I then cut and attached the legs to the interlocking leg frame.

Here are the pieces in their final place being glued down and ready for sanding.

I then cut out the seat with my jigsaw from a solid bit of wood, I also drilled out a couple holes so I can cut out a little handle.

Here are the pieces sanded and ready to be joined together by screws and wood glue.

I then drew out where the bottom will be to chisel out excess wood for a more comfortable sitting.

Once the stool was complete I gave it a couple of coats with a white undercoat.

Once the undercoat was dry I gave the stool a soft blue colour and started on the design.

Painting the leg.

Painting the leg.

Painting the leg.

Painting the leg.

Here I am working on Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit is complete now on to Flopsie bunny.

That's Flopsie bunny done.

After a couple of coats lacquer the stool is complete. My daughter is very happy with it and maybe one day she will pass it down to her children.

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