Project Cat Bed

By Barnet Handyman

Cat bed from an old shelf

I love nothing more than finding an unused and unloved pieces of furniture and turning it in to something to be loved again. For this project I came across an old pine shelf that someone had thrown out. I wanted to make a cat bed with a draw to hold treats or a nice warm hot water bottle, plus LED lights all around the frame.

The build

I dismantled the shelves and was left with a lovely pile of wood :)

I started off by getting the correct frame size.

I then installed the draw runners for the treats or hot water bottle.

That was the structural frame complete.

I then had to chisel out the handle for the draw.

After I installed the LED's I gave the bed a final fill and rub down for the veneer.

After I put on the veneer I put the handle and slats on and gave it a final polish.

Time to turn the lights on.

Project complete, I learnt a lot from this project including veneering and polishing.

This item is for sale

I have decided to sell this project as I have 5 cats and not enough space for this cat bed. I am open to all offers or if you have any questions regarding this project please feel free to email me here.

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